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We are a new company created by some of the most experience and accomplished people within the Australian real estate sector.

Our Company
eGuarantee’s Lease Bond has specifically been created to replace the expense and inefficiency of bank guarantees in the lease securitisation process. eGuarantee is an Australian company catering to the APAC (AUS & NZ) has the backing of Australia’s largest specialist insurer, as well as the backing of the world’s largest reinsurers, all with AA/A S&P rating.

eGuarantee’s Lease Bond has the acceptance of Australia’s largest landlords, providing them with the security measures that they are used to (unconditional, on demand claims process), while introducing a number of financial and operational advantages that are not provided by  bank guarantees.

This is delivered via, user-friendly, digital system, so that lease security is done at the click of a button, with none of the upfront costs of the bank guarantee and none of the administrative burdens of the banking systems.

‍eGuarantee is more than just an alternative, it is an evolution, and one which is set to become the new standard in Australian lease security. Reach out to us to find out more, and you will learn that there is nothing but upside .
Our Founders

Founded by Cedric Fuchs and Shaun Sergay, eGuarantee provides PropTech that has genuine application and benefits for the entire leasing ecosystem, including the leasing agreement; landlord, tenant, agent, representative and broker.
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