Accelerate your deal with eGuarantee:

offer tenants their money back, and a seamless experience for landlords with a fully digital lease security process – at no cost

You know firsthand many commercial tenants don’t think about providing lease security until they have to. Then there is a lengthy and cumbersome administrative process to secure the guarantee before a lease can go ahead. But now there is an alternative: a digital Lease Bond that can be finalised in 1 week.

For the first time in the Australian and New Zealand market, eGuarantee are offering digital Lease Bond's for commercial tenants, providing agents and representatives a true value-add opportunity of freeing up capital for the tenant, and reducing administrative issues for landlords.

Do away with the paperwork with instant, digital security management for leases, fit-outs and agreements for lease

What it means for you

Before leasing

  1. Leverage the benefits of a Lease Bond to attract tenants seeking space in market
  2. Engage with existing tenants who are already lumped with bank guarantees, as part of the lease renegotiation discussions
  3. Foster trust and loyalty with your clients by demonstrating knowledge and value of a product with material benefits to both tenants and landlords

During lease negotiations

  1. Accelerate the negotiation process between landlords and tenants
  2. Stay informed on the status of lease security at the touch of a button
  3. Communicate easily and instantly with all stakeholders on a digital platform


  1. Achieve a successful conclusion with less friction and more goodwill

How it works

We manage the process end-to-end so you don’t have to: engage with the tenant, manage credit checks and provide the necessary lease security.

  1. Tenant submits credit documents
  2. Our underwriters complete credit assessment
  3. Tenant, and landlord review final agreement, landlord accepts
  4. Tenant receives final pricing; landlord accepts draft bond
  5. Tenant provides security documentation (as needed)

Keeps you updated every step of the way!

Want to get things moving?


Offer to current or incoming tenants: let tenants know upfront that Lease Bonds offer a lower cost, easier way to provide lease security

How long does it take? Approvals can be achieved in 48 hours. The whole process can be completed in 1week (but timelines may vary depending on circumstances).

Won’t landlords be resistant? We’ve already seen landlords lose deals by refusing to accept Lease Bonds. We can support you in communicating benefits for landlords including easier processes, full real time visibility and better security.

eGuarantee Lease Bonds offer unconditional, cash on demand, direct to the landlord, paid within 24 hours of claim regardless of on ongoing tenant bond-fee compliance. Like Bank Guarantees, Lease Bonds are unconditional, irrevocable and on-demand financial instruments and the guarantee wordings are the same as a Bank Guarantee.

eGuarantee Lease Bonds are 100% backed, with direct cut-through, by a consortium of 7 AA/A - rated S&P global reinsurers and managed by Assetinsure as Agent - Australia's largest specialist surety insurer, who currently supports more than $7 Billion in bonds and credit enhancement across Australia & NZ. AssetInsure is APRA approved and regulated.

Why eGuarantee

eGuarantee is the only distributor in Australasia of commercial Lease Bonds. But don’t choose us just because we are the only option. eGuarantee is:

  1. Fast: on average, issued three times faster than a bank guarantee
  2. Widely accepted: Australia’s largest commercial landlords including Dexus, Investa, Charter Hall, Centuria, Mulpha, EG Funds, Aliro and many more already use eGuarantee Lease Bonds
  3. Suitable for most tenants and some startups: available for bonds from $20,000 to over $7 million with bonding facilities available up to $15million before accommodation
  4. Does the work for you: we offer guidance for tenants through the simple application process and engage directly with them to provide the necessary security
  5. Completely digital: online application, user-friendly system, no paperwork, no fuss, no delays
  6. Underwritten by the best: administered by Australia’s largest surety underwriter Assetinsure on behalf of some of the world’s largest reinsurers, all with AA/A - S&P rating

Want to get things moving?