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When tenants enter a lease, the last thing they think about is providing lease security. Traditionally Bank Guarantees have been the principal form of lease security, but the process is often lengthy, cumbersome and erroneous,  furthermore it ties up unnecessary working capital for the tenant. Now there is an alternative: a digital Lease Bond backed by 7 Global reinssurers.

Digitised processes and access to working capital  are paramount for tenant attraction.

For the first time in the Australian and New Zealand market, eGuarantee are offering digital Lease Bonds for commercial tenants, freeing up their money to reinvest their business and offering considerable competitive advantage to landlords.

Do away with the paperwork with instant, digital security management for leases, fit-outs and agreement for lease.

By converting lease securities to Lease Bonds, landlords can achieve a fully electronic real-time overview of their lease security, streamline their management systems and offer immediate novation.

How it works


Set up a profile for free

Apply online within seconds


Offer to current or incoming tenants

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Secure your lease

Secure your lease

In just three steps we can help.

  1. Set up a profile for free: just complete our online registration form.
  2. Offer to current or incoming tenants: let tenants know upfront that you accept Lease Bonds, offering them a lower cost, easier and quicker way to provide lease security
  3. Secure your lease: we'll engage with your tenant, manage credit checks, and provide the necessary lease security

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Landlords get a Lease Bond, an unconditional, irrevocable and on-demand, financial guarantee that covers them for 100% of the lease security value in line with the terms of the lease. Every eGuarantee Lease Bond is backed by a consortium of 7 AA/A - rated S&P global reinsurers and administered by Assetinsure as Agent - Australia's largest specialist surety insurer, who currently supports >$6.5bn in bonds and credit enhancement across Australia & NZ. AssetInsure is APRA approved and regulated. Landlords can feel confident in the quality of their lease security.

We cover needs from $20K-$15million in Australia and New Zealand.

How long will this take? Approvals can be achieved in 48 hours. The whole process start to finish can be completed in three business days (but timelines vary depending on the circumstances).

What are the risks? Like Bank Guarantees, eGuarantee Lease Bonds are unconditional, irrevocable and on-demand financial guarantees. Claims are unconditional, cash on demand, direct to beneficiary and paid within 24 hours. Put simply, eGuarantee LeaseBonds provides landlords with the same protection as traditional BankGuarantees, with the added benefit of being delivered on a digital and encrypted platform.  

Won’t landlords be resistant? We’ve already seen landlords lose deals by refusing to accept Lease Bonds. We can support you in communicating benefits for landlords including easier processes, full real time visibility and better security.

How do I get my money? Claim all or part of a LeaseBond with the click of a button. Claims can be made online, anywhere and at anytime within the eGuarantee platform. Once submitted, your claim will be paid to your nominated bank account within 24 hours. No proof of tenant default is required, just a letter of demand.

What it means for Landlords

  1. No fees: eGuarantee is 100% free for landlords to offer and use
  2. Tenant attraction advantage: allow tenants to provide lease security without tying up capital
  3. Tenant retention advantage: hand existing tenants their money back. Encourage lease renewals, prompted by automatic reminders. Obtain longer indemnity periods.
  4. Security: avoid the dependence of paper authentication. Lease Bonds are held and accessed on a secure, encrypted platform. Security is held solely in favour of the landlord separate to the tenants’ obligations– limiting the ability for the Tenant to seek an injunction.
  5. Convenience: avoid the administrative burden and stress of keeping track of paper Bank Guarantees with a digital end-to-end solution.Benefit from automatic upstamping of lease bond value with rent escalation. Advance notice of lease expiries.
  6. Certainty: manage claims and cancellations instantly via globally accessible online system. Lease Bonds cannot be attached to the tenants business in the event of them entering administration
  7. Streamlined processes: all stakeholders (landlords, tenants, intermediaries – agents, tenant reps, brokers – and the Underwriting Agent) can communicate and manage guarantees in realtime via eGuarantee’s digital platform. Reduce input errors (parties are always correctly named as per ASIC’s records, leased properties are correctly addressed as per Australia Post database); increase productivity with access for your solicitors and asset managers; share records to your custodians and trusts
  8. Reduced admin: with a customised template of the terms and conditions of your leases. Effortlessly transfer lease bonds electronically when property is sold or acquired.
  9. Transparency: digitise your entire bank guarantee portfolio and integrate with Lease Management software through open API – for a real-time view of lease security
  10. Support fit-out incentives: with easy access to additional non-collateralised security
  11. Better relationships: make lease negotiations easy with bonds that require no collateral from tenants. With benefits on both sides, prevent stress on the landlord-tenant relationship

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Why eGuarantee

eGuarantee is the only distributor in Australasia of commercial Lease Bonds. But don’t choose us just because we are the only option. eGuarantee is:

  1. Fast: on average, issued three times faster than a bank guarantee
  2. Widely accepted: Australia’s largest commercial landlords including Dexus, Investa, Charter Hall, Centuria, Mulpha, EG Funds, Aliro and many more already use eGuarantee Lease Bonds
  3. Suitable for most tenants and some startups: available for bonds from $20,000 to over $7 million with bonding facilities available up to $15million before accommodation
  4. Does the work for you: we offer guidance for tenants through the simple application process and engage directly with them to provide the necessary security
  5. Completely digital: online application, user-friendly system, no paperwork, no fuss, no delays
  6. Underwritten by the best: administered by Australia’s largest surety underwriter Assetinsure on behalf of some of the world’s largest reinsurers, all with AA/A - S&P rating

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