A fairer and faster alternative to the outdated bank guarantee

Unlock your cash to reinvest back into your business
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Do you find the bank guarantee process frustrating?

The time and hassle to arrange, the requirement to give up 6-12 months’ rent as cash?
If it feels like an outdated solution, it is.

Alternate solution that boosts cash flow by up to 200%

eGuarantee offers an alternative solution, one that:
Offers the same level of security as a bank guarantee (A+ rated)
Does not require you to tie up cash in a bank account – reinvest it back into your business
Is 100% digital, which saves you time, hassle and is completely secure
Can get you pre-approved in as little as 48 hours
Is already accepted by over 50 leading Australian landlords
Supports you every step of the way with our Australian-based Customer Success Managers

The eGuarantee lease bond solution is for commercial leases, with a minimum lease bond value of $20,000 up to several million dollars.

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The dominant form of lease security in North America and the UK, now available in Australia and New Zealand

eGuarantee offers a lease bond solution, which is the most common form of lease security in North America and the UK.

Why? Because it is faster, easier, cheaper and as secure as a bank guarantee.

Accepted by over 50 leading Australian & NZ landlords

Pre-qualification in minutes


The first step in the process is to click ‘Pre-Qualify Check’ and answer the 3 simple questions. This takes less than a minute!


Then if you pre-qualify, you’ll be asked to provide some basic business financials and your application will be processed – with credit pre-approval typically coming in just 48 hours.

Please note that this solution is for commercial leases only, with a minimum value of $20k.

Got questions? Sure – that’s understandable – just give one of our super-friendly Customer Success Managers a call on 1300 561 804 and they will be happy to help.


How does a lease bond differ from a bank guarantee?

eGuarantee’s lease bond solution provides the same level of security as a bank guarantee while taking away the inherent risks of the paper-based guarantee.

eGuarantee’s lease bond solution is issued by Assetinsure – Australia’s largest provider of surety bonds – as agent on behalf of the underwriter, HDI Global Specialty SE, a S&P A+ rated insurer.

Though the Australian banks have historically been considered the safest option for lease security, this is often not the experience for those who actually need to claim on the guarantee. Since they are paper-based, bank guarantees can easily be lost or defrauded, and attempts to replace and then claim or cancel them can be a laborious process that takes many weeks or months.

eGuarantee is arguably a more secure solution.

As a digital product, eGuarantee reduces human error with all documents stored and easily accessible online.

The value of the eGuarantee lease bond solution can also automatically increase in line with annual rent reviews, something bank guarantees cannot do, providing a greater level of security.

And what does it cost?

Tenants pay an annual fee for a lease bond. For bonds below $200k, the fee is 5.5% p.a. Above $200k, the rate drops, and is determined by the financial assessment conducted by our financial services partner (Assetinsure) and is comparable to bank guarantee rates.

An establishment fee also applies and, in some cases, legal fees may be incurred, depending on the organisational structure and requirements.

All fees and charges are debited via Direct Debit. You will receive the full payment schedule ahead of issuance, so will be aware when annual payments are due to be taken.

What exactly is a lease bond?

A lease bond is a non-collateral alternative to a bank guarantee for commercial lease security.

Unlike the banks where collateral is required to obtain a bank guarantee, lease bonds are issued based off an operational and financial assessment.

Tenants access this security through a small annual fee, without the need to tie up a large amount of working capital in a bank account. Tenants are required to sign an indemnity, which is a legal contract.

In the event of a claim, the lease bond is paid unconditionally to the landlord and must be re-paid by the tenant.   

The minimum lease bond amount we can assess is $20,000, up to several million dollars.

Can eGuarantee be used mid-term if already locked into a lease?

Yes, absolutely – subject to landlord’s approval.

Tenants can switch to eGuarantee at any time, even mid-term if they are already locked into a lease.

This will enable the tenants to free up cash collateral or banking lines.

What are the eligibility criteria for tenants?

A financial assessment forms part of the application process. Generally, businesses need to:

  • Have been trading for 12+ months
  • Provide company financials
  • No ATO arrangements or payment plans

Other credit criteria may apply.

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