Free up cash flow,
to help grow your business.

If I was a business and I was considering eGuarantee I would absolutely jump in, they made it very simple and straightforward.  It really frees up cash flow and allows you to focus on your business going forward.

Neil Perry
Chef & Owner, The Margaret Group

As the director of an accounting firm, I can say to any business looking to maximise working capital, eGuarantee is a great solution for you.

Charlotte Bungard
Director, Scendar

β€œThe experience dealing with eGuarantee was seamless right from the first contact with the people that were really helpful and supportive through to the online platform and getting the approval.

I would really recommend eGuarantee for anyone looking to grow their business”

Geoff Lewis
Managing Director, Bowerbird Interiors

Easy application process

We can take care of your lease bond needs in just 3 easy steps.

1. Apply for a free review

Use our simple registration process and speak with our team for a confidential discussion

2. Get approved online

Provide the documentation required, including trading history and financial statements, in a secure online environment

3. Secure your lease

We’ll engage with your landlord and provide the necessary lease security

The credit pre-approval process usually takes up to three business days, with many in just 48 hours.

Of course, timelines may vary depending on circumstances