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Does eGuarantee's lease bond provide risk-free securitisation?
  1. 100% backed, with direct cut-through, by a consortium of 7 AA/A - rated S&P global reinsurers
  2. Is managed in Australia & NZ by Assetinsure - Australia's largest specialist surety insurer, who currently supports $6.5bn in bonds and credit enhancement across Australia & NZ
  3. AssetInsure is APRA approved and regulated
  4. Is unconditional, cash on demand, direct to the benefiticary, paid within 24 hours of claim
  5. Is not dependant on ongoing tenant bond-fee compliance
  6. Contains unconditionality wording, the same as a bank guarantee

How can I claim my money?

The eGuarantee lease bond is unconditional. You can claim all or part of it, with the click of a button, within the digital system. Once submitted your claim will be paid to your nominated bank account within 24 hours, directly by the insurer. No proof of tenant default is required, just a letter of demand, signed by a company Director, and uploaded into the system.

What are the benefits to me?
  1. Competitive proposition for tenant attraction and retention
  2. Automatic value increase with rent adjustments
  3. Instantaneous claims and cancellations functionality
  4. Electronic novation when asset is sold
  5. Supports fit-outs incentive. Digital end-to-end solution

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