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The most dangerous phrase in business: “We’ve always done it this way.”

– Forbes Jan 28, 2019

Therein lies the problem. The bank guarantee system for commercial property leases is way past its use by date. But because “we’ve always done it this way” some businesses are reluctant to change.

Smart businesses embrace change.

Here’s why bank guarantees are failing both tenants and landlords.

For landlords,

For tenants,

$10bn+ in tenant capital tied up in Australian and New Zealand bank guarantees

Why eGuarantee is a better guarantee

Here's how eGuarantee strengthens the position of both landlords and tenants
A lease bond means less paperwork, and faster approval times for landlords and tenants, plus a happier tenant with more liquidity.

Here's what businesses have to say

How it works

Landlords can claim all or part of the lease bond with a click of a button – anytime, anywhere – through the eGuarantee online platform. With just a letter of demand, claims are usually paid within 24 hours.

Here’s a brief overview of the eGuarantee’s lease bond solution process.

1. Tenant applies

indicative approval on average in 48 hours

2. Tenant is approved

eGuarantee provides the landlord a lease bond, just like a bank guarantee. That is: an unconditional, irrevocable and on-demand financial guarantee offering 100% of the lease value as security

3. Tenant pays small annual fee

rather than a large cash or asset-backed security

Accepted by industry heavyweights

eGuarantee is already used by some of the biggest names in the commercial property sector and is accepted by Dexus, Centuria, Investa and over thirty leading landlords
Valtellina Properties

What’s more, eGuarantee’s lease bond solution is issued by Assetinsure – Australia’s largest provider of surety bonds – as agent on behalf of the underwriter, HDI Global Specialty SE, a S&P A+ rated insurer.